Another Adventure Booked | New York City

Another big adventure wasn't in the plan for 2018. If anything, I was going to do the complete opposite of splurging on a big holiday and actually save some money and go on smaller getaways. Well, two months in have completely gone against my word and I have booked a week-long holiday to New York City.

My boyfriend and I loved Orlando when we went, and I felt so much more comfortable in America than I usually do in most European countries. Ever since we first got together, my boyfriend always said that it would be his dream to go to New York. Seeing as my dreams came true at Wrestlemania last year, I thought he more than deserved to go - so I agreed, and we booked up!

Our booking process was actually a little different when booking this holiday, the main reason because we actually consulted with Virgin's concierge service this year. Typically we just find what we want online and book, but this year I just needed help - Where was best to stay in the Big Apple? What can we get for our money? When's best to go? Is there anywhere else that we can go whilst we're out there? What's more, my sister is actually joining us out there, but she had already booked her flight through Virgin. So, we were looking for a hotel that we could all stay at, whilst booking flights as part of the package for only two of us. 

The concierge service was actually really helpful. Our contact came up with loads of different packages for us, one of which included us going to Sanfransisco too and another that included going to Washington. They were all quite cost-effectively really, and as there was a sale on we would have got even more for our money, but as we only had a week booked off work we decided to stick with just visiting New York. There was talk of her throwing in access to the Virgin Lounge at Heathrow, however as I had a gift card that I wanted to apply to the booking, she couldn't offer us this anymore because it would count as 'double discounting' - I was pretty gutted (this usually costs £32 each!).

Needless to say, I'm really happy with our plans. We're flying out at the start of November into Newark Airport (apparently it's easier to fly here than JFK?), and staying for a week at the Holiday Inn in Times Square. I am so pleased we're staying central because I don't think my anxiety would have coped with constantly travelling on the Subway. 

The holiday cost my boyfriend and I £1008 each which includes the flights and the hotel, which I thought was pretty affordable considering how much booking everything separately would be. I am excited for the holiday, but I certainly am feeling a little anxious as I'm unsure as to how I will react to the craziness of New York City (I can barely cope with London!). I just know that I need to see some of the world and not let my panic attacks get me down. 

Have any of you been to New York? Do you have any suggestions on where to go, what to see and what to do if you feel overwhelmed out there?

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