Mothers Day Gift Guide | All £10 or Under

If you live in the UK, Mothers Day falls on Sunday 11th March this year, which is just over one week away. Eek! I'm sure I'm not the only one who didn't realise how quickly the day is creeping up on us - It feels like the end of January was only a week ago.

Today I thought I'd help you all out a little bit with a Gift Guide showing a few ideas of what you could purchase your Mum, with all items costing £10 or under. I've tried to include a variety of different products, to hopefully appeal to all Mums out there.


Mum 'Thank You For Helping Me Grow' Seeds - 80p!

This idea is just absolutely beautiful and affordable. For those on a budget, this is a real sentimental and thoughtful present to give to your Mum. It shows you care, and shows that you appreciate all she has done to help you grow as a person. Delivery is only £1.20 so you will be paying £2 in total for this lovely gift. You can purchase this wonderful item through this link.

Yankee Candle Votive Gift Set - £8.99
This gift set was created by Yankee Candle, specifically for Mothers Day. They have a few items within the range, but I thought the Votive Set provide an array of different scents, so there's bound to be something in there that your Mum would like. If I remember rightly, each Votive typically has a burn time of around 8 hours, so your Mum will get a huge amount of product out of the set. Click here, if you'd like to purchase the item or explore the range Yankee Candle have.

Mother and Daughter Photoshoot - £10

This gift gives you the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your Mum, as well as providing her with something to cherish forever. This extremely affordable day out is available via Buy a Gift and your £10 not only gets you the Photoshoot, you will also receive a complimentary A4 print to gift to your Mum, as well as a £50 gift voucher to go towards any Albums or Wall Hangings. You get so much for your money with this unique experience. It is typically priced at £20 however there is a 50% sale on this experience on Buy a Gift currently - follow this link if you'd like to read more or take advantage of this offer.

This has got to be a winner with some Mum's out there. Who doesn't love Prosecco? If it's the drink of choice for your Mum, this cook book will go down a storm. With recipes that will enable Mum to incorporate Prosecco in to cakes, dinner and desserts (as well as cocktails, of course), it's a book that she'll get great use out of, I'm sure! Click the title to check out the book, or to order.

Ghost Perfume Gift Set - £8.00
I feel like 'Ghost' perfumes, and especially the original, are very Mumsy. That may be because my Mum has definitely used Ghost for all I can remember. Ghost have actually released a gifting range, with Miniature Gift Sets of their fragrances priced at £8.00. Some of the Perfumes come with Nail Varnish, others with Lip Glosses and others with a Key Ring. I personally gave my Mum a Gift Set featuring the 'Eclipse' fragrance for Christmas, and she absolutely loved it. She's been stuck to the original (pictured above) for years, but I think she's been converted to the latest fragrances on the market. Click here to view Ghost's gifting range.


I hope you may have gained a little present inspiration from this post, or that you actually found something on here to buy your Mum. It's an incredibly special day to give thanks to your Mum, but you haven't got to break the bank to show how much you love her.


  1. Great gift ideas! Excited to shop for my mum and treat her!

  2. Such cute gift ideas! I think my favourite is the seeds :)

    Kayla |

  3. Ah wow forgot Mother’s Day is right round the corner...
    those seeds are adorable what a cute little message. Yankee Candles make the perfect gift I’m obsessed with them, my faves are the sweeter scents! I also love the Ghost perfume I got my mum that one Christmas it’s truly gorgeous!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  4. I love the idea of a prosecco cookbook! I am sure my mum would love it too! Even though she is not big on mother's day! what a lovely guide! xx corinne

  5. The the seeds! Would be a great present for mums that love gardening :)


  6. I love the look of the Yankee Candle and Ghost sets, I always get my Nana something for Mother's Day too and I think she would love the candles haha
    Great gift guide!

  7. This is an excellent post. It’s actually my mum’s birthday straight after Valentine’s Day so I need to start picking some things up. The little seed sachet is so cute and the message is adorable — something a little bit different. Great recommendations, thanks!

    Charlene McElhinney (@blogabtnothing1)

    1. That was meant to say Mother’s Day hehe!!

  8. These are some great ideas for mothers day. We (my sisters and I) always get my mom some flowers. They are here favourites!
    Lea, xx

  9. Looks like my mum will be getting a Ghost :)

  10. Love this gift guide, so many great gift ideas and all really affordable! I love the yankee candle gift set :)

    Heather Xx